November 2021 in Review

Elliot Forbes Elliot Forbes ⏰ 2 Minutes 📅 Jan 12, 2021

Welcome Gophers! I’m going to start posting the monthly reviews on the site alongside my twitter account for all those interested in seeing the growth of the site over time!

This is hopefully intended to provide some insight into how things are going and a level of transparency to people that enjoy following along these things!


So far, it’s been a fantastic month with a fairly substantial 77 new subscribers for the site and over 150k pageviews!

  • 📹 1,500 lessons complete
  • 👋 77 New Subscribers
  • 🎉 $2,078 MRR
  • 📈 103k Users + 154k Pageviews
  • 💻 418 new YouTube Subscribers
  • 🌲 3,862 trees planted and 37.31t of CO2 removed with

Notable Improvements

  • The backend of the site has been fully ported to AWS Lambda and RDS. These changes will improve stability and resiliency of the site as well as drastically reduce the infrastructure costs from $160 down to roughly $40 a month.
  • The first videos of the new Building a Serverless App with Serverless Stack. I’m hoping to work through a number of videos in the coming weeks during downtime so stay tuned!
  • UI Improvements - some elements of the site were in need of some design improvements. If you spot any parts of the site that could use some love then please let me know!