Challenge 19 - Difference Between Squares

In this challenge, you are going to implement the DiffSquares function so that it returns the difference between the first number squared minus the second number squared.

5^2 - 4^2 = 9

If you require a hint as to how this is done, please click below:


You can calculate powers of numbers in Go using the math.Pow function. You can read more about this here: Math Pow

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package main

import (

func DiffSquares(n, m int) int {
	x := math.Pow(float64(n), 2)
	y := math.Pow(float64(m), 2)
	return int(x) - int(y)

func main() {
	fmt.Println("Calculate The Difference of Squares")
	result := DiffSquares(5, 4)

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