Challenge 02 - Satisfying Interfaces in Go

In this challenge, you are going to implement the necessary methods needed to satisfy the provided Go interface.

On the left hand screen, you have a simple Go application that features an interface called Employee.

In order to complete this challenge, you will have to complete the code and satisfy this interface.

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package main

type Employee interface {
    Language() string
    Age() int

type Engineer struct {
    Name string

func (e Engineer) Age() int {
  return 26

func (e Engineer) Language() string {
    return e.Name + " programs in Go"

func main() {
    // This will throw an error
    var programmers []Employee
    elliot := Engineer{Name: "Elliot"}
    // Engineer does not implement the Employee interface
    // you'll need to implement Age() and Random()
    programmers = append(programmers, elliot)

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