14.04.2017 20:27

Angular Fundamentals

Author: Elliot Forbes


Angular 2 is the latest iteration of the wildly successful Angular framework and this course is designed to take you all the way from the basics through to creating high-quality angular applications.

This course is built using a minimum of Angular 2.2. I’ve also focused on building these tutorials purely in Typescript.


Example Angular 2 Applications:

In this section you’ll find a number of different Angular version 2 and above applications which should provide good examples of the concepts covered in the course above:

Angular Admin Dashboard


Angular 2 Admin Dashboard

This project features a fleshed out Angular 2.2 admin dashboard.


  • Angular Router with sub-routes contained in sub-modules
  • Markdown editor using Marked
  • Built using angular-cli
  • Examples of Services, Observables, Modules and Sub Modules

Ng-Chat - An Angular 2 Websocket Chat


  • RxJS Observables
  • Websocket Service that interacts with a live websocket server.
  • A Markdown based chat application.