Angular 2 is the latest iteration of the wildly successful Angular framework and this course is designed to take you all the way from the basics through to creating high-quality angular applications.

This course is built using a minimum of Angular 2.2. I’ve also focused on building these tutorials purely in Typescript.

Auxiliary Resources

If you are interested in buying books to aid in your learning of the Angular framework then I suggest you checkout my list of The Top Angular Programming Books


Example Angular 2 Applications:

In this section you’ll find a number of different Angular version 2 and above applications which should provide good examples of the concepts covered in the course above:

Angular Admin Dashboard


Angular 2 Admin Dashboard

This project features a fleshed out Angular 2.2 admin dashboard.


  • Angular Router with sub-routes contained in sub-modules
  • Markdown editor using Marked
  • Built using angular-cli
  • Examples of Services, Observables, Modules and Sub Modules

Ng-Chat - An Angular 2 Websocket Chat


  • RxJS Observables
  • Websocket Service that interacts with a live websocket server.
  • A Markdown based chat application.