Artificial Intelligence

Author: Elliot Forbes | Posted at: 14.04.2017 20:27

Artificial intelligence is a field that has interested me since the days that I started programming. It’s hard not to see the appeal of having a computer program that could effectively think for itself and perform automated tasks based off a series of events. It’s a field that has been highly utilized by the gaming industry in order to create NPC characters that think for themselves and ultimately create far more interesting games with longer replay-ability.

Being able to create a game that challenges you in different ways every time you play it guarantees you a longer shelf life that if you were to create something predictable that can be beaten easily by learning a few patterns.

Course Introduction

Over this course I’m aiming to introduce you to key strategies used by game developers when implementing Artificial Intelligence systems into their own games. I’ll be covering popular algorithms such as the A* search algorithm, breadth first, depth first, Alpha-beta pruning and more and hopefully give you a good grounding of the basics of artificial intelligence.

I’m going to start of by introducing concepts such as agents and rationality and then build up to implementing a number of highly-used Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Course Structure

  1. An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  2. What is an Intelligent Agent?
  3. Breadth First Searching Algorithm
  4. Depth First Searching Algorithm
  5. Depth Limited Searching Algorithm
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