Cloud Development

Course Outline

The world is moving towards using the cloud. It’s undeniable. We have thousands of companies, at all levels of development, starting to look at, and investigate the advantages of migrating their software to become cloud native and to leverage the services of providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google’s own Cloud platform.

These companies are moving away from the burden of maintaining their own Physical infrastructure and by migrating their systems to the cloud, and subsequently, they can leverage hundreds, if not thousands of years of collective development expertise supporting the machines and systems they run on top of and focus more on delivering key functionality to their customers.

Cloud service providers allow small development teams or even single developers to build systems that are faster, more resilient and better than ever. These cloud service providers are enabling innovation at a rate that is previously unheard of and we are seeing a myriad of different startups emerging that rely purely on these cloud service providers.

The leader in this space, Amazon Web Services, has seen a monumental 40% Year-on-Year growth since its inception and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be slowing down any time soon. They are constantly releasing new services and new features and attempting to make their platform the most attractive out there for companies large and small.