What is Go?

Go is an incredible language to learn if you want to develop incredibly fast and reliable systems. As of the 10th of November 2016 it passed it’s 7th birthday and it continues to build pace within the programming ecosystem.

Features of the Language

The language itself is open source and incredibly powerful, with features like concurrency built into the language it’s an excellent candidate for some of the tools I plan to build in 2016.

  • Expressive
  • Efficient
  • Statically Typed
  • Compiled
  • Features Garbage Collection
  • Compiles Exceptionally Quickly into Machine Code
  • Run-time reflection


In order to start writing your own Go based systems you’ll need to install it on your local machine: Download Go

Top Resources

If you are in need of some excellent books to cover the language in a greater depth then I highly recommend you check out my list of the top books for learning golang.