Beginner's Project Overview

August 20, 2021

Course Instructor: Elliot Forbes

Hey Gophers! My name is Elliot and I'm the creator of TutorialEdge and I've been working with Go systems for roughly 5 years now.

Project Overview

Throughout this project, we are going to gradually introduce more and more advanced topics and build on the fundamentals that we’ve learned in previous sections.

The goal for this section of the course is to build a command-line interface tool (CLI for short) that will

Topics We’ll Cover

Throughout this section of the course, we are going to be covering the following topics:

  • Project Structure
  • Packages
  • Modules

Feedback and Support

If you have any feedback on this project or require any additional support then please feel free to jump on the TutorialEdge Discord server where I can provide close-to realtime support!