Go REST API - Project Setup

February 6, 2021

Course Instructor: Elliot Forbes

Hey Gophers! My name is Elliot and I'm the creator of TutorialEdge and I've been working with Go systems for roughly 5 years now.

Twitter: @Elliot_f

We’ll start off by creating a simple Go application that will act as the main entrypoint for our REST API.

We’ll also be wanting to initialize our project using the github cli as well:

$ gh repo create TutorialEdge/production-ready-api

This will provide a series of options that you can choose from. We’ll be wanting to create a public repository and you’ll want to change TutorialEdge to your own github project.

Now that we have our project’s directory setup and it configured with git, let’s dive in to initializing our project using go modules:

$ go mod init

This will generate a go.mod file for our project.