Go REST API - Course Conclusion

February 28, 2021

Course Instructor: Elliot Forbes

Hey Gophers! My name is Elliot and I'm the creator of TutorialEdge and I've been working with Go systems for roughly 5 years now.

Twitter: @Elliot_f

Firstly, I would like to say a massive thanks to everyone who has followed along this course and supported the site! In the first 6 months of writing and delivering courses it’s been an absolute joy to see how well received they have been and I’m looking forward to delivering a lot more courses in the future.

Throughout this course, we’ve managed to successfully create a well-structured, tested REST API in Go that is ready for production. Hopefully now, you have a strong understanding as to how you can go forth and implement your own services in Go in such a way that they are well structured and easily tested.

That being said, the code in this course isn’t perfect, there are absolutely points that can be improved upon and extended. There are a few tradeoffs I have made in some aspects of the design, but this is the reality we face when delivering software. There are always going to be tradeoffs that we have to deal with.

This course will be updated over time as newer and better approaches to design and development come to light, so if you know of any aspects that you felt could have been improved then please let me know!


I’d love to hear your feedback on how you found the course and what aspects I could do better to help improve your learning for future courses. If you have any suggestions or feedback then please reach out to me either through twitter: @elliot_f or through email: