Building Serverless REST APIs in Go - Course

Course Instructor:
Elliot Forbes

Hey Gophers! My name is Elliot and I'm the creator of TutorialEdge and I've been working with Go systems for roughly 5 years now.

Twitter: @Elliot_f

Building Serverless REST APIs in Go - Course



Serverless is a truly incredibly piece of technology that has grown rapidly in the last few years. It has the ability to scale up massively to deal with incredible compute-demands at a moments notice and it also scales down to nothing for those periods of time where your services aren’t being used.

In this course, we are going to be taking a practical approach to learning Serverless. We’ll start from scratch and gradually build up an image-sharing website built purely with AWS Lambda, S3 and Vue.js on the frontend.

Note - I wont be covering how the frontend code works. I’ll be focused purely on explaining the backend code.

What You’ll Learn

Throughout this course, we will be covering the following topics:

  • The Basics of Serverless
  • Bootstrapping your Serverless App
  • Uploading Files To S3
  • Authentication with Cognito
  • Deployment and Operations
  • Project Structure
  • Testing


If you are going to work through this course, then I would expect a reasonable understanding of Go’s syntax. I’m going to be focusing more on how you can develop on top of AWS Lamdba and use services like AWS S3, less time will be spent on the syntax although any particularly complex pieces of code will be explained in detail.


My primary goal for this course is to provide you with everything you need in order to go off and start building your own serverless APIs in Go.