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The Go Testing Bible

Course: The Go Testing Bible


Course Instructor: Elliot Forbes

Hey Gophers! My name is Elliot and I'm the creator of TutorialEdge and I've been working with Go systems for roughly 5 years now. Feel free to reach out to me on twitter - @Elliot_F

About This Course

Ensuring your applications are tested thoroughly is an essential part of any developers work. Improved testing gives you the confidence to make changes to the codebase quickly and roll out new features whilst ensuring the stability of your systems.

In this course, we’ll be covering everything it takes to get started properly testing your Go applications. From unit testing, all the way through to integration testing and finally a quick overview of End-2-End testing.

Topics Covered

  • Formatting and Linting
  • Table Driven Tests and Sub tests
  • Creating Test Suites with Testify
  • Differentiating Tests with Build Tags
  • Unit Testing Your Go Apps
  • Benchmarking Performance
  • Mocking with vektra/mockery
  • How to create integration tests for HTTP REST APIs

By the end of this course you should be more than comfortable when it comes to implementing tests for your own Go applications.

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