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Get Involved

Elliot Forbes ⏰ 1 Minutes 📅 Apr 14, 2017

Do you fancy contributing back to the site or writing a few of your own tutorials? Fork this entire site from our public github repo, make some changes and then submit a pull request and I’ll review it and if it meets our standards, it’ll get pushed live to the site.

Authoring New Tutorials

Authoring a new tutorial is simple with hugo. All you have to do is create a new within the directory of your choice and then fill in the appropriate meta data at the top of the file:

date = "2017-04-15T09:47:01+01:00"
title = "The title of your article"

desc = "A description that suits what your article is about"
tags = ["python"]
series = ["python"]
author = "Elliot Forbes"
twitter = ""

Getting Recognition

In order to be recognized for your work you simply need to change the author field to your name and then post a link to your twitter page as shown above. For any pages you write you’ll then see your name, your twitter profile picture and a link to your profile on the right hand sidebar.