Check Key Exists in Map Go Image Check Key Exists in Map Go

In this code snippet, we are going to look at how you can check to see if a key exists within a Map in Go

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {

    mymap := make(map[string]int)

    mymap["elliot"] = 25

    // we can use this if statement to check to see if 
    // a given key "elliot" exists within a map in Go
    if _, ok := mymap["elliot"]; ok {
        // the key 'elliot' exists within the map

When we execute this, we will see the following output:

$ go run main.go

When we execute the call to mymap['key'] we get back two distinct values, the first of which is the value of the key and the second is a bool value which represents whether or not the given key exists within the map.

This second value is what we use to check if a given key exists in the if statement on line 13. We first do an assignment using _, ok := mymap["elliot"]; before then using the ok value as a conditional for our if statement.

Only if the value exists in the map does the body of the if statement execute.

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