Building an Imgur Clone with Vue.JS and Node.JS Image Course: Building an Imgur Clone with Vue.JS and Node.JS

Welcome fellow programmers! In this free project series, we are going to be building a really awesome Imgur clone using Vue.JS as our frontend and a simple backend written in Node.JS.


By the end of this course we will have covered the following concepts:

  • Building a frontend application in Vue.JS from start to finish.
  • Building a backend REST API in Node.JS
  • How the frontend talks to the backend using HTTP requests
  • How we can implement authentication and authorization using OAuth2 and JWT
  • How to provision cloud infrastructure using the industry standard tool - Terraform

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily geared towards those of you who are somewhat new to full-stack development and wish to see how you can get started building your own simple web applications using Vue.JS and Node.JS using some industry standard tools like the serverless cli and Terraform to provision your underlying cloud infrastructure that supports your application.


Before you can start this course, you will need the following tools installed:

  • Yarn
  • The AWS CLI and an AWS Account
  • Terraform v0.12+
  • Serverless CLI

Finished Product

It’s nice to be able to visualize what you are going to be building and see results at every step of the process. We’ll be building this up bit-by-bit to ensure that at every stage of the process, we see results.

By the end of this project, we will have built something that looks like this:

Finished Profile Page

Course Lessons