Building a Chat Application in Go with ReactJS Image Building a Chat Application in Go with ReactJS

Goals for the Course

In this project, we’ll be looking at building a chat system using both Go for our Backend and React.JS for our Frontend.

This course will help to cement concurrent Go concepts and techniques and give you real-world experience of developing a more complex Go application and hopefully get you comfortable writing idiomatic Go programs.

The Approach

We’ll be building this chat application up piece-by-piece, experimenting as we go to ensure that the course remains enjoyable and rewarding throughout.

As we go, I’ll be introducing more and more advanced Go techniques and how they pertain to this particular project and by the end of this, you should be a competent Go programmer with a solid application under your belt.

Topics To Cover

  • Initial Setup
  • WebSockets in Go with gorilla/websocket
  • Goroutines and Concurrency Basics
  • Safe Concurrent Communication
  • Frontend Development with ReactJS
  • Docker and Deploying your Application

Entirely Free

The best part about this course is that it is entirely free. By keeping this course free, it’ll mean more people can enjoy it and learn from it.

What We’ll Be Building

By the end of this course, you should have an application that looks something like this:

Chat Application Screenshot

Source Code - The full source code can be found here TutorialEdge/realtime-chat-go-react