My Hardware + Software Setup for Recording YouTube Tutorials

Elliot Forbes Elliot Forbes ⏰ 3 Minutes 📅 Mar 2, 2019

I’m constantly getting questions on what software/plugins/hardware I use to record my YouTube videos so I thought I’d write it up in one convenient place and just link this whenever the question pops up!

🧙 Note - This was inspired by Wes Bos, who I am huge fan of! This list will be a living document that I will update whenever anything changes!

Here’s a photo of my setup as it stands today:

My Setup

Editor + Terminal

  • Visual Studio Code - My editor of choice for pretty much everything from Node, to Python, to Golang. It’s an excellent bit of software that can be extended to suit pretty much everyone’s needs.
    • Cobolt2 Theme - Courtesy of Wes Bos, the Cobolt2 Theme looks incredible.
  • iTerm2 - My Terminal of choice which has awesome features such as tabs and split screen capabilities for running multiple things side by side!
  • Alfred 3 - I’ve just started working with Alfred but find it an excellent tool for improving how I use my machine! It’s incredibly fast although I’ve yet to play about with any workflows yet!
  • Todoist - A really cool task management tool which helps me organize what I need to do!

Recording Setup

  • Blue Yeti Microphone - I’ve used the Blue Yeti Microphone since the start of my YouTube career and I have never found any issue with it. This is an excellent USB microphone that has really stood the test of time!
  • Blue Radius III Custom ShockMount - An awesome shock mount which helps to isolate the microphone from any knocks or bumps when I’m recording.
  • Adjustable Microphone Boom for Blue Yeti Mics
  • ScreenFlow 8 - This is an incredible bit of software which makes screen recording an absolute dream.


  • MacBook Pro 15" 2017 - This is the beast that powers absolutely everything. I went for the 16GB RAM, 512GB of SSD model with the 4GB Intel Radeon Pro 560.
  • Apple Space Gray Magic Keyboard - I’ve just recently updated to this new space gray keyboard and it looks stunning as part of my setup. I’m a huge fan of the slightly bigger keyboard with the number pad and additional buttons so far.
  • Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse - Another recent upgrade as I felt myself going through loads of batteries with my old mouse. This is fully wireless and rechargeable which is exactly what I need from a mouse.
  • LG 34" - 27UK850 Monitor - This is my main 4k and it’s an absolute dream to work with. Making the leap from standard 1080p up to this monitor has greatly improved my workflow and given me soo much more screen real-estate to play with!
  • Dell UH2414h 24" Monitor - I still have 1 of my 2 Dell 1080p monitors in my setup as I do like having a vertical monitor for general coding + writing.